Meet Our Hygienists

In our office, your oral health and the long-term condition of your teeth are the most important aspects of your visit with Aimee, Kristi and Amy. That's why you receive much more than just a cleaning; including complete services in prevention, early diagnosis, Oral, head and neck cancer screening as well as education.



Schedule regular appointments for every 6 months.
Have your appointments scheduled in advance to ensure an opening in our schedule that is convenient for you. Figure on approximately 60 minutes for your appointment to ensure enough time for the dentist to meet you briefly.

Helpful Hygiene Hints

FLOSSING: Cut about 1 1/2 feet of floss.
Twist ends of floss around middle fingertips, leaving an inch open.
Bring floss to the gumline between teeth, curving against each tooth.
Slide gently between tooth and gum.
Bring floss tight against the tooth.
Slide along side of tooth, in up and down motions.
Repeat for all teeth, including the back side of back teeth.

NOTE: Alternatives to floss are tooth picks or sticks, special brushes, or other interdental cleaners the dentist may recommend.
BRUSHING: Lean toothbrush against the gums at a 45 degree angle.
Gently move brush back and forth in short strokes.
Be sure to brush outer surfaces and hard-to-reach surfaces.
Use "toe" or tip of the brush to clean the back surface of front teeth.
Brush tongue to remove bacteria and freshen breath.

EATING: Eat a well-balanced diet, avoiding excessive sweets.



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